Frequently Asked Questions

In order to include players of all skill levels and create an exciting live leaderboard scoring will be based on 80% of your official Handicap adjusted by your course handicap depending on the difficulty of the tee box you select at your local course.   This will equalize the scoring so you can compete against any player on any golf course. Even your friends in different states! You play your normal round with quick and easy access to a little friendly competition for a chance to win great prizes!  Upon registering for a series you will receive an email providing instructions on downloading the app and creating your profile.

After your round players will electronically sign their scorecard attesting their score in the mobile app and send a request to a playing partner for purposes of verifying the accuracy of the score.  The rules committee will be reviewing handicaps on a regular basis and reserve the right to eliminate any inaccurate information outside of specified thresholds and/or parameters and apply post round handicap adjustments accordingly.   The rules committee also reserves the right to disqualify any player who at their sole discretion provides inaccurate handicap or scoring data. Handicaps will continue to update during the season as more events are played and will be verified prior to the in person National Championship.  All rules committee decisions are final. 

No, you don’t need an official USGA handicap prior to signing up but you will need a Handicap in the Chipd In mobile app. This can be calculated for free in the player card section. Simply enter a minimum of 3 prior round scores or play 3 live rounds in the app and we will calculate a Handicap for you! It will update after each additional round you play. You can still participate without one, yet the starting point is a 0 handicap so make sure to enter three scores!

Yes, you will be responsible for booking your own tee time directly with any golf course. You can play ONE round any time on each official tournament weekend on any 18 hole golf course (provided it is available in the mobile app) in your area (> Par70).

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