How it All Started

Chipd In was originally started as the Glover Park Tour in 2009 by a group of friends interested in playing competitive golf and giving back to their community in the Washington, DC area. At first, it was just three roommates trying to figure out who the best golfer among them was in their DC neighborhood, but it quickly turned into an association of dozens of members, joining up together to play a season of tournaments. In the more than a decade since launch, we’ve crowned over 10 annual golfing champions and even taken major championships on the road to the “Home of Golf” to play at The Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland.

In 2021, we took our most ambitious step yet and launched an even larger community to connect golfers nationwide. We decided to go national, allowing golfers from around the country to compete with each other in both friendly tournaments throughout the year, as well as an in person National Championship. Scoring is net so whether you’re a scratch golfer or struggling to break 100, nothing quite matches the thrill of participating and making a positive impact in the tournament series community.

Mission 1

To CONNECT golfers nationwide while making access to competitive golf much easier and convenient

Mission 2

Make a difference and positive impact by supporting organizations that have a mission we BELIEVE in

Mission 3

To provide golf experiences you can only DREAM of

Golf Putting Chipd In
Golf Putting Chipd In
Chipd In Team

From Left:

Jonathan Leon - Founder and Executive Director

Steve Panas - Co Founder and Director of Operations

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Board of Directors

St Andrews Old Course