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Do you want to turn your weekend round of golf into something more?

Will this be the year you take your golf to the next level?

Chipd In is a great way to play competitive golf and give back.

Make a donation to a great cause

Play your home course on tournament weekends

Log your score in the Chipd In App

Climb the national leaderboard (80% handicapped)

Chance to win awesome prizes each tournament

No Membership Fees - Competitors are simply required to make a minimum $20 donation to a Chipd In supported charity. 100% of membership dues go towards great causes.

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You play your normal weekend round and enter your hole by hole score into the Chipd In app. An in-app golf handicap will be generated for you based on your scores.

The Chipd In app will calculate a course handicap based on the par and difficulty rating of your course.  

It doesn't matter if you're playing Bandon Dunes or your local municipal course, your handicap will be adjusted based on the difficulty of the course. So every player will be on a level playing field every week.

As each golfer logs their scores during a tournament round, a national leaderboard will be created in real-time so you can follow the action LIVE all weekend!  

Only care about beating your buddies? That's cool. Add friends or find people nearby using Chipd In. Personalize your leaderboard to follow friends in real time.

Ever dreamed of competing on the PGA for the Fedex Cup? If you're not the .001% of golfers that get a chance, Chipd In is the next best thing. With each event players will earn ranking points based on how you finish.  You can follow the season long points race directly in the app as you attempt to qualify for the National Championship.

Chipd In

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Patrick Cantlay Joins the Leaderboard
Rosen Shingle Creek Golf Club - Chipd In National Championship